About Us

Anji MingLong Furniture Co.,Ltd. is located in Anji China Zhuanyi town - Zhejiang,It is a design and development, production and sales as one of the boutique furniture enterprises, management and production of the net chair, leisure chair, health chair and so on a series of office furniture products.

MingLong Furniture all employees believe that the, the product is the life of the enterprise, so we pay more attention to the quality of the product, and the management and development of new products design, our truth is based on the customer as the center, quality for this. Will keep pace with The Times and keep pace with the market.

MingLong Furniture is taking on a new development posture to meet the challenge of global integration. We continue to grow and grow, and the future will always belong to the leading trend. It belongs to furniture enterprises that dare to innovate.

We are based on the principle of customer, people-oriented principle, and the dream of building a good enterprise in a down-to-earth way.